Hello, call me

- Luis -

Hello, call me

- Luis -

or Adrian

Or both!

I am an International Relations graduate from UNAM.

I enjoy learning and trying new things, I fully believe  that perseverance is the only way to success and I know how to take command when circumstances require it.


Being 25 years old, my work experience has been relatively short, but intense. Three fundamental pillars have always been present in my professional life: passion, camaraderie and learning.

Executive Director
(April 20)

Think Tank – Mexico.

The objective of the Mexican Center for Strategic Studies and International Relations is the analysis and creation of public policies in favor of domestic and international development. Given my position, CEMERI has represented a learning opportunity in different areas: from web design and programming to marketing and negotiation.


Pricing Assistant
(Jun 19 - Aug 19)

Freight forwarder –  Mexico City.

I did an internship in the pricing area, where my responsibilities included market analysis, negotiation and updating of quotas and dispute resolution with different shipping companies.

Although it was a short stay, this opportunity allowed me to reaffirm my knowledge about trade and logistics, as well as to make an integration between the theoretical side learned in school and the empirical side of the real world.


Administrative Assistant
(Jan 19 - Jun 19)

Economy Department –  Naucalpan, Mexico.

Contrary to the trend among my colleagues, I did not perform my social service at the Ministry of Foreign Relations, but instead opted to give back a little to my alma mater.

I served for 6 months in the economic head of FES Acatlán, where I had the opportunity to plan and follow up on different projects, as well as working on data analysis.


Floor Supervisor
(Sep 18 - Jan 19)

Restaurant – Japan.

As a result of a fortuitous encounter and my interest in getting into Japanese culture, I worked in a Mexican cuisine restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. My duties included customer service, inventory control, translation, and food and beverage service.


Spanish teacher
(Sep 18 - Jan 19)

Academic Exchange –  Japan.

I studied abroad one semester at Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies offered me the opportunity to teach Spanish as a foreign language at their facilities. During the fall period I taught classes to a group of international students and this experience allowed me to appreciate the value of multiculturalism.


English teacher
(Jan 18 - Jul 18 )

English School – Naucalpan, Mexico.

Classroom hours: 721.
Preparation hours: 240.

Here I had the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills  and I was able to help different people achieve academic and work goals.




1er Encuentro Universitario – Agenda 2030 y escepticismo político en el marco de las relaciones México-EE.UU.

FES Acatlán – Autores de la Geopolítica Clásica: lecciones para México (Sep 2020)

Quinto Seminario Internacional – 2020

Peace Conference 2020 – Where do we go now?


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – 2019

Teacher Training Course – 2019

IELTS Academic C1 – 2017

Courses and conferences



Undergraduate thesis

Análisis de la inmigración laboral en Japón a través de la teoría de mercados duales: 2005-2015

One life : 195 destinies

It is said that in order to really know someone you need to know about his biggest dream.

Mine? I want to visit as many countries as possible. I’ve had the opportunity to visit 7 and I have to say that each of them has been an unforgettable experience.